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In 2022 we launched an experiment, creating the Changemakers Alliance (CALL) to go deeper on online storytelling about a few long-simmering issues. The CALL Chronicles newsletter quickly grew to more than 1,000 subscribers.

On September 1, we launched the Badass Membership Community, to help us grow statewide faster, listed here by virtue of past and present pledges.

Thanks to your support, we are “Media That Makes a Difference” — in healthy collaboration with powerful, everyday Minnesotans.

See details about what this membership enables us to do at womenspress.com/be-a-badass

ACTIVE Members (starts at $5/mo or $60/yr)

membership supports our comp CALL newsletter ads for under-resourced, mission-aligned events and supports first-person narratives 

Ann Romanczuk

NEW Anne Markusen

Anne Mavity

Anne Peek

Annette Finstad

April Jones

Amanda Leathers

Barbara Minor

Barbara Saunders

Barbara Vaile

Becky A Cole

Betty Ramsland

Bev Brogie

Bill Betzler

Binta Kanteh

Brooke Christenson

Cali Jirsa

Carol McBroom

Catherine A Brennan

NEW Catherine Squires

NEW Cathy Peterson/Jawaahir Dance

Chris Cohen

Cindy Toppin

Corrie Lapinsky

Cynthia Packer

Deborah Halvorson

Deborah Thorp

Denise Flaherty

Elizabeth McCambridge

Emilie Peck

Emily A Pollack

Emily Stripling

Emma McKhann

Erika Van De Yacht

Gigi Schumacher

Helen Slater

j. marie fieger

Jan Joannides

Joyce Tofte

Karen Baumgaertner

NEW Karen Lunde

NEW Katy Backes Kozhimannil

Krista Hanson

Jackie Christensen

Jenn Uitto

Jenna Hutchinson

Jennifer Gasperini

Jennifer Johnson

Judith Rudolph

Julie Ristau

Kaia Svien

Karen Wilcox

Kate Graham

Kate Havelin

Kate Lynch

Kathy Knoblauch

Kathy Steinhauer

Katy Gaynor

Kay Dawson

Kim Bartmann

Krista Hanson

Kristel Porter

Lacey Squier

Laura A Kinkead

Laura Ross

Laurissa Wredberg

Larry Dittberner (in memory of Jennifer Weiler)

Layl McDill

Lea Dahl

Leah McGinley

Leah R Robinson

Linda  Bergh

Lisa Hinz

Lorraine Wookey

Madeline R Vukson

Margaret Weekes

Marie Zimmerman

Marilyn Thaney

Marla Gamble

Mary Madison

Mary Q McCallum

Maureen Bruce

Melissa Driscoll

Mena Hautau

Michelle Christian

Mike Tikkanen

Mollie Hoben

Nicole Everling

Nikki Engel

Patricia Neal

Patricia Thompson

Phil Duran

Phyllis Burdette

Polly Peterson

Princess Titus

NEW Priscilla Trinh

Randi Olson

NEW Rhiannon Thomas

Sara A Silva

Sherri Overstreet

Sophia Morrissette

Susan Stacey

Susan Armington

Susan Eckfeldt

Teresa McGinley

Terri Draxten

Terri Karis

Terri McNeil

Terri Nelson

Tommi Godwin

NEW Tracy Moore

Trish Keating

Welcome Jerde

NEW Wendy Darst

Wendy Reid

NEW Xay Yang

DOYENNE Members (starts $15/mo or $180/yr)

membership supports our ability to provide free print magazines in the Twin Cities, gift a membership if desired, and/or receive subscription 


Andrea Steiner-Manning

Amy Gage

Audrey Kingstrom

Becky Parker

Beth Peterson

Bonnie Russ

Bonnie Watkins

Carol Liege

Chante Wolf

Cynthia Packer

Deborah Thorp

Emma McKhann

Gladys Benson

Heidi Hamilton

Ilse Perlich

Jean Abbott

Jessica Intermill

Julie K. Ingleman

June Mathiowetz

Kaarin Foede

NEW Karen Cadigan

Karen Lunde

Katy Nelson

Lisa McKhann

Lisa Rudolph

NEW Louise Ziegler

Marcy Leussler

Mark Ritchie

Martha E Hardesty

NEW Mary Jo Schifsky

Mary Warner

Michele Ranum (in honor of mother Patricia Allison)

Molly Byron

Nantawan Lewis

Natalie Marr

Nicole Everling

Norma Smith Olson

Patricia Cumbie

Robert Nelson

Sheila Reiser

Shannon Gibney

Suzann A Willhite

Suzanne Fenton

Suzanne Swanson

Val Mondor

Wendy Gonzalez-Baez

ASSET-MAKING Members ($20-plus/monthly)

This tax-deductible option supports content development for our core online series about public safety, reducing gender-based violence, restoring local ecosystems and economies, and Hometown Values & Vision discussions throughout Minnesota 

Anita Kozan

Barb Case

Barbara Andrews

Bonnie Watkins

Candi Broeffle

Craig Neff

Ellie Krug

Joan Gilles

Kaarin Foede

Kristin Siegesmund

Kyoko Katayama

Lyn Crosby

Marilyn Morrissette

Marcia Wattson

Michele Braley

Michelle and Bill Pohlad

Nina Guertin

NEW Ronna Linroth

Sarah and Anthony Bagwell

Kurt Pearson Social Concerns Fund of First Unitarian Foundation

Wilson Family Fund of First Unitarian Foundation

Anonymous donor via Minneapolis Foundation


Every dollar counts when you are trying to survive in print publishing. In 2023, this one-time support enabled us to mail hundreds of copies of our gender-based violence issue statewide, make up cash flow shortages when advertising was cyclically low, and included tax-deductible Changemakers Alliance supporters who were earliest adopters for online story development and in-person conversations.

Alison Heebsh

Amanda Bartschenfeld

Amanda Koehler

Amy Sullivan

Amy Wurdock

Andrew Lefton

Ashlee Moser

Barbara Satin

Betty Beier

Betty Folliard

Claire Todd

Cynthia Lehman

Darrion Gresham

Denise Marlowe

Dralanda Larkins

Elena Izaaksonas

Ember Berg

Ericka Van De Yacht

Frances Hillier

Jane Curry

Jane Powers

Janet Dahlem

Janice Scofield

Jeanne Bailey

Jennifer Abbey

Jennifer Pilate

JoAnne Makela

Karin Wille

Katherine Johnson

Katherine Maple

Kathleen Anne Quinn

Kathleen McKay

Kristin Gustafson

Linda Hopkins

Mary  Bjork

Mary Jo Schifsky

Nancy Sivertson

Naomi English

Nicola Kapala

Ranae Hansen

Rebecca  Surmont

Rebecca Fuller

Sandra Filardo

Sarah  Nasif

Seraphine Metis

Shawn Vougeot

Susan Arens

Terri Thao

Tia Lauve

Tracy Moore

Troy Tradup

Uyenthi Tran Myhre