Conversation: Policing in Minnesota

In September 2020, we talked with Nicole Archbold, director of community affairs for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, about topics ranging from defunding police to how we get past an us versus them mentality in justice work.

She has more than two decades of local government experience, including 15 years at the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). During her time at MPD, she held roles assigned to the Property and Evidence Unit, Research and Policy Development Unit, and Police Administration.

Archbold also served in the Minneapolis mayor’s office as the city’s public safety policy advisor, where she led community-centered public safety initiatives and supported efforts to increase transparency and data analysis in policing. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement from Metropolitan State University and a master’s degree in Public Safety Administration from Saint Mary’s University.

Here are clips as well as the full conversation from our Visual Q&A series about Transforming Justice.

The Work of a Task Force That Made Significant Recommendations for the State Regarding Deadly Force Police Encounters

The task force report came out in February 2020 and included 28 recommendations and 33 action steps.

Being Stuck in an Us. vs. Them Mentality

The Difficult Encounters in Policing

A Best Practices Project in St. Cloud

How We Get to Resolution Around Transforming Justice

The Interview in Full

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