The Process of Change

Minnesota Women’s Press publisher and editor Mikki Morrissette

It is easy to forget that we are part of an evolution. When the news and personal logistics fill our days with worry and preparation, it is easy to think the present tense in our individual lives is all that matters.

Sometimes it is a shock to be reminded that we are inextricably connected to everyone and everything else,  past and future. An unexpected death, the birth of a child,  an intimate touch — these all have a way of arresting our attention and reminding us that we are impacted by a continuously changing series of moments.

This evolution is constant. At the micro level, our cells are transforming. At the societal level, our narratives are shifting. At the cosmic level, our universe is expanding.

I believe we need to spend less time focused on ourselves, our identities, and our worldview in opposition to others. Rather, we need to remind each other that we all are embedded in a process — influenced by imagination, memory, expectation, fear, hope — that shapes everything around us.

The women featured in this issue — and at our December5 Changemakers Gala — are recognized for their accomplishments. Yet I don’t think any of them believe their changemaking has been done in isolation.

Together, the women in these pages are contributing to a world that treats everyone — students in lunchrooms, veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, people with hearing loss — as human beings who deserve respect, dignity, support, and access to what others might take for granted.

None of us are isolated thinkers and doers who discover and act on our own. Instead, we share our minds and energies in never-ending partnership. It is social interactions, over generations, that help us achieve and evolve as part of a collective process.

We are making change together every day.

We are all part of the ongoing story of the universe.

What Do You See With 20/20 Vision?

Minnesota Women’s Press is embarking on a powerful year of storytelling in these pages, on our website, and at several forums in 2020. We will share stories that help us see the world in a different way.  Our first-ever Changemakers Gala   on December 5 is designed to build our Storyteller Fund and expand our distribution. If  you are not able to attend, please consider a donation so that we can offer discounted tickets to others: tinyurl.com/MWPGala2019

Special guests to be honored at the Gala

Tea Rozman Clark, Anika Bowie, Winona LaDuke, Asma Mohammed, Sarah Super

Entertainment by Sara Thomsen and the Tiumba African Dance Group drummers, plus games and giveaways.

January Topic: Origins

Our Tapestry section asks readers to respond to this question: What is your story about a starting place, or roots, that led you to who you are today? Send up to 300 words to editor@womenspress.com by December 4.

December Contents

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Remembering In Honor of Kari Larson

In the News — Local Election Results, ERA, Prison Reform

GoSeeDo — Women’s Art Festival, Black Nativity, Suffragists


Sarah Park Dahlen: Of Mirrors and Windows

Daniela R. Montoya-Barthelemy: Putting the Healthy Into Sexuality

Kim Norton: Building Sustainable Community

Valerie Shirley: Hearing in Community

Laura Connelly: Tapping Into Human Potential

Valerie Castile: Turning Tragedy Into Action

Elaine Wynne: Perseverance for Veterans

Antoinette Smith: Creator of New Data

Jill Ahlberg Yohe and Teri Greeves: Reclaiming Native Art

Joy Dolo: Creating Joy

Perspective —Tess Mertens-Johnson: Change on Turtle Bay

Spirituality Pamela Ayo Yetunde: The Women of Seminary

Holiday Lacey Squier: My Slowdown in the Kitchen

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