The Minnesota Women’s Press Community

A publication like ours is created based on the passions of our audience, which is why we seek your input regularly through surveys, invitations to submit to our Tapestry section, and networking feedback about story angles for upcoming themes. Thanks to readers who took our 2020 survey, we have a better idea of our community of readers and viewers to help shape priorities.

Common feedback is that articles are too short and the publication is metro-centric. Several women said they would like to see more light content to balance the seriousness of issues. Others would like to see more calls to action and resources to learn more and engage. Other comments:

  • “I’m 81 now, and visiting race again with my spiritual communities. I am learning how much I have missed in my lifetime, due to racial and economic inequality, to say nothing about those who were victims of racism. We all have so much to learn about ourselves and how we impact others without realizing it. Good people are racist, too.”
  • “Coming from Scandinavia, I took a 15 year step back in benefits and women’s position in workforce attitudes. You were one lone voice giving me hope.”
  • “Your June action guide is an example of mobilizing and providing truly valuable and relevant, immediate information that makes a difference. I didn’t see this in traditional media.”
  • “Minnesota Women’s Press works with women and non-binary people to tell stories using their own voice, rather than a top-down model of reporting. I feel that I can trust MWP.”
  • “MWP is a treasure. Unique and part of why Minnesota is such a strong feminist state.”
  • “The concerns are tangible and, since they are local, it feels like I am more able to be part of change that is needed.”
  • “I love how accessible it is. I pick it up free at the library. I love that it connects me with a diverse web of women in Minnesota.”

Thank you to all who participated in the survey. Congratulations to Barb Palmer, who won a $50 gift basket filled with Minnesota Women’s Press goodies, and to Teresa Thomas, who won a $100 gift certificate to NE Wellness.