University of Minnesota


Sabine Engel: Bridge-Builder on Climate

Her role as a bridge between two countries enables her to see the value of an exchange of technical knowledge.

  • 11/30/2021

Jael Kerandi: Called to Action

“We no longer wish to have a meeting or come to an agreement. There is no middle ground.”

  • 11/25/2020

The Simplicity of Our Complex Ecosystem

Kate Brauman’s enthusiastic description of the work she has devoted her career to is deceptively simple: “Much of my life is focused on this: If you put stuff in the water, you end up with stuff in the water.”

  • 03/24/2020

What the monarchs tell us

Butterflies are in danger and we can help, says University of Minnesota’s Karen Oberhauser

  • 06/01/2015

Activists in training

Today’s women activists are changing the universe – and becoming leaders, too

  • 04/02/2007