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Fresh Perspectives

This issue of Minnesota Women’s Press is about listening to the vision and voices of our new, empowered, feminist leaders.

The Minnesota State of Abortion Rights Today

What is the status of abortion rights in Minnesota today? It might not be as unrestricted as you think.

In the News: September 2019

Our Think items this month are about breaking ground on Breaking the Silence, fighting bigotry with literacy, a perspective on guns and abortion rights, and sexism in space exploration.

Photography: Trista McGovern

text and photography submitted by Trista McGovern I have…

Proposed Adjustments to American History Curriculum

Photo by Sarah Whiting Penumbra Theater hosts an annual civic…

I Want to Be Reflected in Our History Books

The only time I became relevant was during a one-page reading on the Vietnam War, or a lesson on Pearl Harbor.