Day of the Dead Retreat Akumal, Mexico

What would You Say if You Could Speak to Your Ancestors ? Join us in Akumal, Mexico to celebrate and

  • 10/29/2021

What Neighbors Do

I began to question the value of the individual to the community instead of the other way around.

  • 07/24/2020

Feminist Authors Crossing Lines

As part of the Loft’s Boundaries and Border Crossings theme, writer, artist, and educator Glenda Reed will host a reading

  • 04/26/2020

A Cycling Journey of Firsts

In late 2017, with my 30th birthday around the corner, I was hungry for adventure. I craved slow travel and

  • 06/01/2019

Inspiring the Adventurer

In a recent visit to the Twin Cities, National Geographic adventurer Erika Bergman, a submarine pilot, and author Trudi Trueit

  • 05/01/2019

Coming of age on the road

At 23, I chucked a conventional lifestyle to live simply, out of a backpack, traveling through 40 countries in search

  • 09/01/2017

Read around the world: Mollie Hoben: How many books by writers other than Americans have you read?

Quick, how many women writers from Mexico can you name? From the Middle East? From Africa? How many books by

  • 04/01/2017

Ann Hofmeister revs up interest in women and Harleys

“If you don’t ride, it’s hard to explain, but when you’re out there and you get all the senses working … it’s really neat.”

  • 06/02/2014

Adventure traveler

“It’s an acquired taste,” is the way Polly Keith Scotland describes her adventure travels.  “I never dreamed I would do

  • 06/01/2013

Cycling the world

I traveled in 28 countries, more than 40,000 kilometers, the equator’s distance, in 2 ½ years. On July 24, 2011,

  • 08/01/2012

To-do list

“You already know who you are and where your passions lie-my list was guided by that. I might never learn to tango, and I’m OK with that.”

  • 07/02/2010

Teen travels beyond tourism

A teenager interviewed Pakistani women about their lives

  • 12/02/2005