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Sand, Surf, and Landmines

Last spring, I was aboard a student research vessel with fellow college students to conduct research projects that ranged from phytoplankton studies to plastics and biological surveys.

VIEW: Unplugged and Connected

“Vulnerability is the core, the heart, the center of meaningful human experiences.”

What Neighbors Do

I began to question the value of the individual to the community instead of the other way around.

A Cycling Journey of Firsts

Julia Lawler (Courtesy Photo) In late 2017, with my 30th…

Inspiring the Adventurer

Erika Bergman (l) and Trudi Trueit (Photo by Bill Trueit) In…

Coming of age on the road

Cindy Suplick (courtesy photo) At 23, I chucked a conventional…

Ann Hofmeister revs up interest in women and Harleys

"If you don't ride, it's hard to explain, but when you're out there and you get all the senses working ... it's really neat."

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