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Why I Am Reclaiming Community

For decades, money has been leaving our community. We are going to bring it back.

Baptism by Fire

From left to right: Heather Doyle, Victoria Lauing, Jess Bergman…

My Nontraditional Path

Growing up on a farm helped me to understand that, more…

My Career in Manufacturing

When you ask people why they are doing something a certain way, sometimes the response is “because that’s how we have always done it.” To me, that’s a red flag.

Diversifying Business

Wendy Sullivan (Photo by Sarah Whiting) At a young age, Wendy…

2015 Changemakers: MN Tradeswomen & JE Dunn Construction

MN Tradeswomen: Front Row L-R: MJ Fackler, Lisa Hansen,…

2013 Changemakers: The Girls Restorative Program

"We made statues with words that express how we should be." — Rashonda, 16

Hard-hatted woman

"I wondered, 'where can I shine?' I believe you create your own destiny. I decided to use my bilingual skills."

Turning blue collars pink

The pay is good, the training relatively short ... so why don't more women choose skilled technical careers?