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Dalma Martinović-Weigelt: Water Protector

Green Card Voices released a book about immigrants in Minnesota who are engaged in STEM careers. We feature four of them in excerpted form in this Innovators issue.

Creator of New Data

(photo by Iyana Esters) Since her childhood in Chicago,…

Indigenous Science

Dr. Miigis Gonzalez is a member of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe…

2017 Changemakers: Girls in Aviation Day

I just think it's great that we are able to share STEM programs with the next generation.

Girls Who Code

Daisy Forester (Courtesy Photo) Women comprise 47 percent…

Girls in STEM

Alka Goval (Courtesy Photo) I, like many other students…

2016 Changemaker: Marva Lynn Shellenberger

Lego team coach brings the 'girl effect' to STEM competitions

The power of scholarship

Sousada Chidthachack  (Courtesy Photo) Most people…

What the monarchs tell us

Butterflies are in danger and we can help, says University of Minnesota's Karen Oberhauser

High-profile engineer

Rani dreams of the day when female engineering leaders are commonplace.

High-profile engineer: Susan Rani is modest about her trailblazing, leadership

Susan Rani (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Susan Rani is at the…

Mothers of invention

"I think that's the mark of a good inventor, you're curious, you're determined, you're open, you're coming at problems in new ways and then you have the follow through. I think part of that may be confidence and a willingness to plow ahead. I think ultimately that makes for successful inventors."