Qorsho Hassan: 2020 Minnesota State Teacher of the Year

My hope is that more educators and educational leaders realize how white supremacy is embedded in our educational system and how to best support students of color with these barriers, including advocating for the retention of teachers of color.

  • 08/13/2020

Persistence, patience and prayers

“I have good business now and God has given me so much. I want to share my blessings and give to others. I want to help people who suffer, especially the children.”

  • 06/02/2013

Crop tenders

“They [immigrants] are key to our workforce. …They work hard. They are well-liked workers and often they have family generations on the same farm.”

  • 06/02/2009

Accidental American

“I didn’t know what asylum meant, but I felt it had to be better than war.”

  • 10/02/2007