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Voting Is Non-Negotiable

Shannon Drury (photo by Sarah Whiting) My parents modeled…

This is My [ Space ]

Shannon Drury (photo by Sarah Whiting) Not long after I met…

Step Aside Boys

Photo Sarah Whiting At this point in my parenting journey,…

A call to be vulnerable

Photo Sarah Whiting I have written before about my calling…

What it means to be female

Shannon Drury Since last fall, I've been forced to have hard…

Language Lessons

"In such dark times it can seem silly to focus on something as tiny as a chain of letters, but consider the intent behind the shift from "he" to "he/she" to "they" - the demand to be seen. It is an act of resistance; it is brave, and it is necessary."

Being small

Whether we choose the path of faith, skepticism, or a uniquely understood spiritual connection to all the atoms in the universe, we must treat each other gently, as if we were specks of dust - because we are.

My life’s work, the work of a lifetime

" That was possibly the most important part: MY NAME. In my seven-year-old universe that conferred importance, dignity, validation. I'd have done something that would last. I would be immortal."