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WeARE The Clinic

L-R: Cindy Moore, Julie Ingleman, Becky Twamley and Sue Hadland.…

2011 Changemaker: Candy Hadsall

"Is it acceptable to have 15,000 cases of chlamydia and no one speaks up about it?"

What did the Capitol do for women this year?

"Since women make up nearly three-quarters of the low-wage labor force, they were disproportionately affected by the governor's veto of the minimum wage increase. ... A single parent with one child would have to work more than 100 hours a week at minimum wage in order to meet basic needs." - Kris Jacobs, JOBS NOW Coalition

Birds & Bees

What are Minnesota’s public schools teaching about sex? The answer may surprise you.

S.E.X. talk

Heather Corinna provides accurate information for teens

Fertility stress

All too many couples struggle to conceive

An ounce of prevention

The FDA has approved a vaccine that should prevent most cervical cancer, but only for women who aren’t yet sexually active