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Exploring Sex and Aging

Good sex is about being good at communication. It’s not about how big anything is or where you put it.

Why I Practice Ethical Non-Monogamy

I felt so much guilt and shame while going through this typical development stage. I was naturally a seeker. My culture, my faith, and my generation felt very limited.

Queer Health & Relational Healing

Larissa Little (center) at a button-making event promoting…

Invisibility in the Silence of Grief, Loss, and Rage

"If we do not move past the dysfunction in our communities, there will continue to be victimization.”

Future Design: Intimacies

Do I trust this new person enough to actually touch them? Enough to send a naked picture? Enough to tell them where I am?

Sex, Sexuality, and Aging

Laura Rademacher Sex and sexuality shift over the course…

Family Tree Clinic: Teaching Intimacy

Jacki Trelawny, director of community engagement and Lindsey…

Indigenous Roots

(l-r) MaryAnne Quiroz is an artist organizer, community activator,…

21 Grams

Gaea Dill-D’Ascoli checks out a variety of dildos at Smitten…

Putting the Healthy Into Sexuality

Montoya-Barthelemy is passionate about helping communities find a holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health. As she puts it, “Sexual health is life force.”

The Lion Dressed as the Elephant in the Room

Models: Trista-McGovern and Brian Pepinski. Photo Concept: Trista…

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