Navigating the Music Industry

We found commonality in our experiences, and were able to speak to hurdles that are hard to articulate.

  • 04/24/2020

Rewriting Music History to Include Women

I spent countless hours wandering the music section of the library, searching for clues, a little inspiration, and a quiet distraction from my impending deadlines.

  • 04/24/2020

ERA Impressions from Virginia

ERA Minnesota sent two representatives to Richmond, Virginia, to help with the final push for the 38th state to ratify

  • 01/17/2020

Great American Outpost

Excerpt from “Great American Outpost: Dreamers, Mavericks, and the Making of an Oil Frontier,” by Maya Rao I only had

  • 07/01/2018

Commentary: Sex-Based Offenses

Terms and definitions of gender-based abusive behavior

  • 02/01/2018

Sexual Harassment at the Capitol

About 18 years ago, Pat Helmberger was forced out of the workplace she loved: the Minnesota State Capitol, where she’d worked

  • 02/01/2018

Hmong bride price — who decides?

Beth* thought Brian* was sweet – a little shy – but trustworthy. She knew from her parents to look for

  • 01/01/2014

2013 Changemakers: Ami Wazlawik and Hollaback! Twin Cities

“If we could get to a point where all girls and women felt empowered to speak their minds on a regular basis, I would die a happy feminist.”

  • 12/02/2013

Peace & war

“I was naive when I signed up. I was so upset after I got that [deployment] call. I thought I was going to die. I wasn’t going to Spain. I was 19, and it was a lot to handle emotionally.”

  • 03/02/2013

Making the case that it’s sexual harassment, not bullying

Consider this scenario: A middle-school boy-let’s call him “Tyler”-calls his classmate-we’ll call her “Ariel”-names like “bitch” and makes loud remarks

  • 08/01/2012

2011 Changemaker: SlutWalk Minneapolis

“[the SlutWalk] message isn’t telling people ‘don’t get raped,’ it’s telling people ‘don’t rape.'”

  • 12/02/2011

Coming home

Minnesota female veterans face unique challenges Chante Wolf was in the U.S. Air Force for 12 years, returning to civilian

  • 03/02/2008