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Leaving ‘the life’

Kathy Magnuson (photo by Sarah Whiting) Terry Forliti says…

The wild west

The abuse of women in North Dakota oil fields mirrors the abuse of Mother Nature

Vednita Carter

My grandmother, my guiding light

2014 Changemakers: Alexandra Pierce and Lauren Martin

Sex trafficking operations employ systematic psychological, physical and sexual brutality to develop a 'product,' which is girls to sell.

Target: Sex trafficking

What I want is for people to understand that we are women first. One hundred percent of us are somebody's daughter ... so see us as that, not as a prostitute."

Violence against women: A social disease with an identifiable cause

Cheryl Thomas (courtesy photo) As the news about sexual assaults…

2012 Changemaker: Christine Stark

"These women have survived for their entire lives. They have an incredible amount of strength and resiliency."

Women are the solution : Q&A with Sheryl WuDunn

Sheryl WuDunn (Courtesy Photo) Empowering women and girls…

2011 Changemaker: Northside Women’s Space

"Why do you think a woman would want to sell her body? Would you want to do that? What if that was you?"

2011 Changemaker: Safe Harbor legislation

"While this is huge, we are by no means close to being done."

2009 Changemaker: Bukola Oriola

"There is help out there and all they need to do is to make a phone call to be free from slavery and torture."

Suzanne Koepplinger

"We can't move forward until we have more than anecdotal information. We've got to have the data."