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2022 Changemaker Missy Whiteman: Indigenous Media Innovator

“This is the way we create now — we come together and use art as ceremony.”

Ritual co-creator Kaia Svien

"In embracing what is being left behind, it allows us to birth something new. Treating our loss honorably is the seed for what can emerge."

Embrace your inner crone

Pat Rustad (courtesy photo) Turning 70 is a significant passage…

Hebrew priestess

"It's leading from a sense of listening, trying to become more and more skilled so that women can express what they need to express-whether celebration or grieving."

Place of mind

"Ritual, which is just a patterned way of doing something, provides a way to move into a deeper place or process."

Journey of the spirit

Local visionary seeks dignity for Native Americans in life and death

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