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VIEW: Hot Mess

For me, it is about wanting to be loved as the true, real me — a woman with a way-too-deep-voice, who is an idealist trying to change the world for the better with what time she has left.

Future Design: Intimacies

Do I trust this new person enough to actually touch them? Enough to send a naked picture? Enough to tell them where I am?

Belonging to the World

Isolation and connection are not separate, nor are they opposites.

VIEW: Benya Kraus, “Why I Choose Rural”

Our greatest civic duty, and indeed our most human duty, is to look closest to us and commit to our place — in the entirety of its beauty and challenges — and to sow it with hope, relationships, and imagination.

VIEW: Ellie Krug, “Trash”

I spent several hours reading the notecards and remembering what it was like to be loved unconditionally.

Ali Sands: Finding Myself Through My Partner’s Journey

It was about three years into our time as a couple when my partner shared a truth about identifying as a man.

21 Grams

Gaea Dill-D’Ascoli checks out a variety of dildos at Smitten…

Tag Archive for: relationship