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How to Defy Rape Culture

Men need to continue to examine ourselves and our behavior, and have the strength to admit we are complicit in our patriarchal sense of entitlement.

Sexual Violence Prevention = Housing Justice

Stable housing is vital for survivors of violence to heal and feel safe again.

Reporting Assault

I never wanted the rapist in jail. I wanted him to see what happened in that room in the same way I do.

Gender-based Violence Resources

Resources recommended by our writers for assistance, action, and learning.

Funding Needs for Gender-Based Violence

According to a National Alliance to End Sexual Violence…

Reader Exercise: How Would You Fund Public Safety?

As Minneapolis in particular faces greater scrutiny about public safety leading up to the 2021 city elections, we are exploring the data about crime and potential solutions for prevention.

NEWS: Intoxication and Rape

The opinion went on to note the Legislature’s “unique institutional capacity” to address the issue, specifically citing the CSC Working Group and Rep. Moller’s legislation as a remedy. The bipartisan bill has not received a committee hearing in the Senate.

Commentary: Sex-Based Offenses

Terms and definitions of gender-based abusive behavior

Hidden in Plain Sight

Amoke Kubat (photo by Sarah Whiting) One of my favorite photos…

No means No

Sexual assault remains a big problem on campus, but new prevention efforts are shining a light on the real risks college women face.

Hmong bride price — who decides?

Tiffany Vang (courtesy photo) Beth* thought Brian* was sweet…

The rape myth

"Women's choices and women's behavior are not the source of the problem. It's individuals who choose to use sex as a tool of violence."