H.A.R.T. Method Foundations (Level 1) with Kimberly Hart

Class Description In this two day, interactive and experiential class focused on self-care, we explore the basic anatomy and skills

  • 10/22/2021
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Reform Within Shakopee Women’s Prison

From 2013 to 2020, women imprisoned while pregnant had not committed a new crime — 77 percent had been incarcerated for a technical violation, such as violating parole by not checking in with a probation officer.

  • 02/23/2021

Legislative Update: What’s coming up that impacts women?

We checked in with former legislator and current Gender Justice advocate Erin Maye Quade about priorities that impact women and marginalized genders this year

  • 02/23/2021
MN-mortality Source Minnesota Center for Health Statistics

Failing Mothers and Children

“For Black women in America, an inescapable atmosphere of societal and systemic racism can create a kind of toxic physiological stress resulting in conditions, including hypertension and pre-eclampsia, that lead directly to higher rates of infant and maternal death.” — Linda Villarosa

  • 12/23/2019

Lessons From Dying

I should have known that babies died, but in 2005, I did not. I remember the nurse’s face when she

  • 10/27/2019

Culturally competent midwifery

Jennifer Almanza has become the midwife she once looked for. “Our womb as female is connected to an entire line, an entire collective female body.”

  • 08/01/2017

2015 Changemaker: Erica Gerrity and Isis Rising

Building a coalition to pass legislation to support pregnant women and new mothers in Minnesota prisons and jails

  • 12/02/2015

2014 Changemaker: Women’s Economic Security Act

The law expands unpaid leave for parents and provides other support to improve economic security for women

  • 12/02/2014

What a doula can do

For expectant mothers behind bars, Isis Rising offers much-needed support. “I absolutely believe that every single woman, regardless of her place in life or the choices she made, has the right to have a healthy, positive birth experience for herself and for her baby.”

  • 02/02/2014

Mission of hope

Would you give a 2-month-old baby any alcohol? … The baby gets the same alcohol the mother gets because they have the same bloodstream.”

  • 11/02/2013

Labor of love

“I’m obsessed with continuing to learn. … What if I’m out in public and somebody asks me a question? I don’t want to look dumb.”

  • 05/25/2011

Birds & Bees

What are Minnesota’s public schools teaching about sex? The answer may surprise you.

  • 07/02/2007