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People in Politics: What Makes a Powerful Leader?

"Women naturally function more as a collective. There is power in numbers. When it is transactional, people who want to succeed think that dividing and conquering is how you do it. That is actually a colonized way of leading."

“You Rule. What Is Your First Action?”

Image by TukTukDesign from Pixabay Thank You for Electing…

Stepping Into the Shoes of Powerful Women

Photo Sarah Whiting As I recently told a Wall Street Journal…

A Journey to Power … A Journey to Self

I was born a woman, albeit with the wrong chromosomes and…

Are You More Powerful Than You Think?

Women are innately powerful in many ways.

Reader Response: Power

A community of Muslim women created this word cloud based on…

2011 Changemakers: ‘Women Making Change’

"If you don't like something, work to change it."

2011 Changemakers: Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership

"At GGAL, we're all the same."

Like mother, like daughter

"I want to use my knowledge to make change within the African community."

Political power

"For me, it's about making people see and love the city as much as I do."

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