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CALL: What We Are Talking About This Week

Notes from our weekly Changemakers Alliance newsletter

On Morality, Transformation, and Vulnerability: A Talk by the Publisher

Historical perspectives about transformative justice, philosophy about human evolution, and stories from the Changemakers Alliance visits to statewide communities for the "Hometown Values & Vision" series.

Next Step Program: How Healing and Transformation Can Emerge From Violence

An elementary school child looked out the window and saw…

Commentary: My Abortion Experience in 1962

I was in a panic. I was sure there were doctors — and others — who would perform abortions for a price, but how to find one?

UPDATES: 2023 Legislative Session

Gender-Based Violence Bills to Protect Victims of Gender-based…

VIEW: A Relentless Pulse

Ellie Krug (she/her) is author of "Getting to Ellen:…

Edie Barrett: My Run for House in Rural Minnesota

When it comes to behavioral change, and beliefs, this is not simply a Greater Minnesota challenge, nor a Minnesota challenge — it is a national challenge. It is THE challenge of our time. How do we find our way back to each other and to the values that connect us?

Values & Vision of Minnesota Voters

We listened to some of the voices, and saw some of the villages, at three locations on election night in Saint Paul. Here are a few highlights.

Values & Vision: Talking to People Engaged in Politics (With Election Results)

The values and vision of 20 Minnesotans who care about serving everyone in a culture of abundance, not scarcity and fear. "If it is about us, include us."

New Indigenous and LGBTQ+ Voices That Will Represent Minnesotans

At the state capitol, there is a historic slate of LGBTQ+ candidates and Native candidates. Here are parts of our conversations with some of them.

What Is On Voters’ Minds?

We talked with candidates and other Minnesota engaged in politics about how reproductive rights, public safety, and education are impacting voters.

People in Politics: What Makes a Powerful Leader?

"Women naturally function more as a collective. There is power in numbers. When it is transactional, people who want to succeed think that dividing and conquering is how you do it. That is actually a colonized way of leading."

SERIES: Diversity in Politics

https://www.womenspress.com/fresh-diverse-voices-join-the-minnesota-legislature/ https://www.womenspress.com/honoring-sen-patricia-torres-ray/ https://www.womenspress.com/ellie-krug-a-relentless-pulse/ https://www.womenspress.com/edie-barrett-my-run-for-house-in-rural-minnesota/ https://www.womenspress.com/values-vision-of-minnesota-voters/ https://www.womenspress.com/new-indigenous-and-lgbtq-voices-that-will-represent-minnesotans/ https://www.womenspress.com/people-in-politics-what-makes-a-powerful-leader/ https://www.womenspress.com/talking-to-women-in-politics-people-to-know/ https://www.womenspress.com/what-is-on-voters-minds/ https://www.womenspress.com/women-in-politics-socio-economic-barriers-to-being-a-candidate/ https://www.womenspress.com/women-in-politics-series-breaking-barriers-in-minnesota-politics/ https://www.womenspress.com/women-in-politics-series/ See…

Sen. Patricia Torres Ray: Transforming the Science of Politics

"We are working on transforming the science of politics. And when we get there, and when we do that, this world is going to be very, very different."

Socioeconomic Obstacles to Being a Candidate

How socio-economic status keeps people out of these spaces, prevents people from running, and also keeps folks in these offices year after year.

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