The Poetry of Family

Sometimes it can be easier for people to open up to a stranger.

  • 04/23/2021

“La Prose du Transsibérien” Documentary Screening & Artist Talk

Join us for a live virtual screening hosted on Zoom, followed by an artist talk and Q&A with Kitty Maryatt!

  • 03/25/2021

Halee Kirkwood: A Sense of Belonging

Place is defined by the stories we tell, and each place has a story that must be told.

  • 03/25/2021

Mary Moore Easter: On the Page, In the World

In my fear, I was convinced that if I could amass a group of Black women, the sight of us would bring this dangerously behaving man to his senses.

  • 02/25/2021

The Names You Call Me

You call me “Criminal,” as you cheat, assault, and rob the world blind. You call me “Shit-hole,” as you foul

  • 07/24/2020

Writing as Contemplation: An Evening Conversation

Contemplation, as the Buddhist priest and poet Issa illustrates, is a field of intimacy, and writing is one entrance. Writers

  • 05/06/2020

La Régle des Trois Unités

unité de temps And the students said in their surreal utopian world there will be no currency no one will

  • 03/15/2020

Writing My Way Through

I cannot write my way out of the pandemic and its effects, but I am compelled to write my way through it.

  • 03/10/2020

Words matter: Tish Jones, spoken word poet, on building bridges and breaking down hierarchies with words

As long as she can remember, Tish Jones has loved words, loved writing and loved being on a stage. A

  • 01/01/2017

2013 Changemaker: Allison Broeren

“When we can really become a community of strong women together, we can help support each other and we can help lift each other up in different ways.”

  • 12/02/2013

Spoken word women

Spoken word exists within a long tradition of oral cultures across the world. The Twin Cities falls into this tradition with a rich history of performance poetry dating back to the ’50s

  • 04/02/2011

2009 Changemaker: Marlene Jezierski

‘Beyond the Mirror’ Marlene Jezierski gives away books. On Sept. 26 she gave away nearly 500 copies at a book

  • 12/02/2009