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Gloria Perez: Investing in Women and Girls

The hardest part of the work Women’s Foundation is doing, Perez adds, is “changing the hearts and minds of people who do not see the barriers up close. Unless we change hearts and minds, actions won’t follow.”

Nina Rothchild: A Lifetime Seeking Equity

Nina Rothchild, feminist who worked for pay equity starting in the 1970s, died October 12 in St. Paul at age 91. Here is the full essay she wrote recently for our "35 Years of Minnesota Women" book.

Legislative Update: What’s coming up that impacts women?

We checked in with former legislator and current Gender Justice advocate Erin Maye Quade about priorities that impact women and marginalized genders this year

Work, Motherhood, & Pandemic

"Families were communal in the past. I hope that this is something we take away [from the pandemic] — how can we lend support to one another?"

The Neglected Art of Negotiation

Negotiating is not my forte. When I left college in 2004,…

Strong Women

We asked women to talk about a strong woman who inspired them

2014 Changemaker: Betty Folliard

The organizer of the "We Are Woman" Minnesota Delegation led a trip to the Washington, D.C., rally and renewed efforts to pass the ERA

2014 Changemaker: Women’s Economic Security Act

The law expands unpaid leave for parents and provides other support to improve economic security for women

The price to pay

Three-time Olympian and University of Minnesota graduate Noora…

Pay equity: unfinished business: Many hands keep pushing to close the gap

Patty Tanji (Courtesy Photo) As 2014 dawned, pay equity hit…

Economies of worth

"Our economic difference compared globally is obscene. What makes that acceptable?"