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The Long-Standing Call for Stronger Mental Health Systems

“The system isn’t broken; we just haven’t built it.”

Being Away From Ailing Loved Ones

I asked Jane Whitlock, an end-of-life doula who has led workshops for Minnesota Women’s Press, to offer suggestions on how families can grieve physical separation from loved ones.

Healthy Self, Healthy Planet

The moment we say, ‘we don’t need this bug, we don’t need this plant,’ the system starts to weaken. If this happens again and again, the system collapses. Every time we have excluded a person or group of people, it has been at our own peril. We will have a viable future only when diverse knowledge, skills, attitudes, and cultural understanding are brought to the table.

Two Countries, Two Elder Care Systems

Photo by Sarah Whiting For many years I have watched my maternal…

Helping My Mother Die

Sheila Callander (photo by Sarah Whiting) In March 2017,…

The Song of Life

Megan Druckrey (photo by Sarah Whiting) As a board-certified…

Broken System

The Crisis of Elder Abuse in Minnesota Kristine Sundberg,…

Protecting Patients and Their Caregivers

Robin Henderson (photo by Sarah Whiting) For Robin Henderson,…

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the…

Culturally competent midwifery

Jennifer Almanza has become the midwife she once looked for. "Our womb as female is connected to an entire line, an entire collective female body."


Cheryl Robertson has spent three decades working as a public health nurse in countries ripped apart by war, trauma and displacement, and she's not about to stop

Humanitarian entrepreneur: Mary Tjosvold

Mary Tjosvold, left, and her mother, Margaret Tjosvold (Photo…