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Unheard Stories: Asian Americans Experiencing Hate

How disrespectful it is that eight members of our community were killed and we were met with ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ greetings from white colleagues the next day. We saw more social media posts about celebrations than acknowledgement of our suffering and our grieving.

“What Are You Doing Here?”

A version of this essay originally appeared as part of the #MinneAsianStories series produced by the Council for Asian American Leaders.

Meghan Kreidler: Dual Identity on Stage

Meghan Kreidler (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Meghan Kreidler…

Choobideh & lefse

"Ever since I was little my dad and my grandparents have been telling me about Iran. ... I've started understanding that not all laws are just and not all people are treated equal. [It's] an issue I've become very passionate about."

Tag Archive for: multiracial