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Ecolution #2: The Flavor of Money

“What is money but a way to measure value, to facilitate exchange? And what is exchange but a type of relationship between people?”

Where Do Our Taxes Go?

Digital-only story With so much attention paid to the inaction…

Managing With Not Much of Anything

This is exactly why we are overdue in having conversations about how to build equity into our community. We must do work together so that those without privilege are able to improve on financial security.

Navigating the Music Industry

We found commonality in our experiences, and were able to speak to hurdles that are hard to articulate.


commentary of everyday women about how to build economic power (photo…

A Blueprint to Thrive

“The vitality of our region, and the strength of our rural economy, depends on everyone being able to contribute, and it starts before birth. We need to ensure all our kids — our Indigenous children, our seventh-generation immigrant children, and our first-generation immigrant children — get the best possible start to life.’’ — Southwest Initiative Foundation President Diana Anderson

Q&A With Ruth Hayden

All women today — unlike 30 years ago — will say they know how to do money. But one-third at best are doing it. We need to take a leap to do something — not perfect, not monumental, but a start. We need to keep asking ourselves, what can we do today to get what we need?

Equity Solutions & Quiz

In a related story we look at some of the statewide issues and…

Financial Trauma

What I want our communities to talk about: how generational trauma affects our financial wellbeing. We can learn and unlearn traumatic events that might be affecting us today, unconsciously sabotaging our own wellbeing.

MONEY & BUSINESS: Fearless Commerce

Shawntera Hardy (l) Camille Thomas (Photo by Andrea Ellen Reed) A…

2018 Changemaker: Me’Lea Connelly

Me'Lea Connelly (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Me’Lea Connelly…

Money Matters: Shaping the business of food

Gathering Momentum Out of the Kitchen Kim Bartmann at…