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Aasma Shaukat: Cancer Researcher

Green Card Voices released a book about immigrants in Minnesota who are engaged in STEM careers. We feature four of them in excerpted form in this Innovators issue.

Women Forging Peace

Photo by Sarah Whiting Muslim, Jewish, and Christian women…

2018 Changemaker: Asma Mohammed

Photo by Sarah Whiting Asma Mohammed wants Muslim women to…

BookShelf: Seeding for Change

Marly Cornell (Courtesy Photo) As an author, ghostwriter,…

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the…

Rebranding her faith

Hanadi Chehabeddine (photo by Terri Peterson Smith) Hanadi…
Sen. Sandy Pappas

Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace, which was founded on the premise that Israeli and Palestinian people had lost hope that there would ever be an agreement, and that women could change that attitude by instilling hope in the population.

Trees of reconciliation

"I was distressed about particularly the outcome of our involvement in Iraq. This seemed like something small that I could do to contribute in a positive way."

2011 Changemaker: Global Women’s Leadership Convening

"The bold question [for the café conversation] was 'how do we prepare and propel more women into leadership roles in public life and civil society?'"

Choobideh & lefse

"Ever since I was little my dad and my grandparents have been telling me about Iran. ... I've started understanding that not all laws are just and not all people are treated equal. [It's] an issue I've become very passionate about."

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