ImagineAct 2020

An event by women, for women to inspire, engage and rejuvenate. Indulge in a fabulous feast, meaningful dialogue and new

  • 03/05/2020

Indigenous Roots

When MaryAnne Quiroz discovered she had the opportunity to open an arts and cultural center in St. Paul’s Dayton’s Bluff

  • 12/23/2019

Alicia Kozlowski: Leading With Heart

Growing up, Alicia Kozlowski was exposed to sicknesses including racism, violence, depression, and substance abuse. She also saw her grandmother

  • 08/01/2019

“You Rule. What Is Your First Action?”

Thank You for Electing Me: My Executive Orders I’ve issued an executive order making climate change the highest priority in our

  • 11/01/2018

Re-Envisioning Equity

When diverse voices are not invited, or do not feel welcome, to join conversations in rooms where important decisions are being made, the dollars that are distributed don’t include that community.

  • 11/01/2018

My Career in Manufacturing

When you ask people why they are doing something a certain way, sometimes the response is “because that’s how we have always done it.” To me, that’s a red flag.

  • 08/01/2018

Jessica Melnik: On a Mission

“It is aimed at getting rid of the demand as well,” Melnik says. “Sex trafficking isn’t going to stop [even] if all the women in the world say we don’t want it anymore.”

  • 04/01/2018

Connecting Feminist Leaders

My mother grew up on a farm. If her world hadn’t been  narrowed by gender bias, she would have been

  • 04/01/2018

Inspired Leadership: Amy Klobuchar on the leadership and courage of Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Wahl

Important decisions are being made in workplaces, neighborhoods, courtrooms, schoolhouses, boardrooms and governments. And women belong in all these places

  • 11/01/2017

2016 Changemaker: Nausheena Hussain

Nausheena Hussain has a quiet composure, sitting at the back of the Daybreak Bookshop on the University of Minnesota campus,

  • 12/01/2016

Re-Imagining: Revisited and revived

Gathering the stories of a historic conference – and keeping the spirit moving

  • 03/01/2016

Strong Women

We asked women to talk about a strong woman who inspired them

  • 04/01/2015