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Women in Politics Series: Talking With Three MN Legislators

Part of our 12-part series of Women in Politics

Indigenous Roots

(l-r) MaryAnne Quiroz is an artist organizer, community activator,…

Alicia Kozlowski: Leading With Heart

Growing up, Alicia Kozlowski was exposed to sicknesses including…

“You Rule. What Is Your First Action?”

Image by TukTukDesign from Pixabay Thank You for Electing…

Re-Envisioning Equity

When diverse voices are not invited, or do not feel welcome, to join conversations in rooms where important decisions are being made, the dollars that are distributed don’t include that community.

My Career in Manufacturing

When you ask people why they are doing something a certain way, sometimes the response is “because that’s how we have always done it.” To me, that’s a red flag.

Jessica Melnik: On a Mission

“It is aimed at getting rid of the demand as well,” Melnik says. “Sex trafficking isn’t going to stop [even] if all the women in the world say we don’t want it anymore.”

Connecting Feminist Leaders

My mother grew up on a farm. If her world hadn’t been …

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