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Preserving Land to Protect Water

As conservationists like to say, we are “moving the needle.”

Healing Trauma: Minnesota Black Land Trust

Why the land? Because Mother Earth can hold it.

On Freeing the Deeds

Hawona at the City of Lakes Community Land Trust building, which…

The Science of Soil

Regenerative Agriculture has the potential to revitalize communities and improve global economies as well as solve food insecurity by providing abundant, nutrient dense food.

Spotlight: Shona Snater, Underground

"When you are crawling 60 to 100 feet below ground in an alien environment and see the effects of erosion, human plastic waste, and chemical inputs from agricultural practices in our freshwater, underground streams, you really question the current direction of our society."

Ecolution #4: Regeneration

As Land Stewardship Project has put it, it is not good enough to sustain our land, we need to bring it back to life — which strikes us as a potential mantra for this time. Regeneration is about making things healthier, year after year. What we have now, from micro to human level, is a selective process in which a small percentage thrives. Moving to a regenerative mindset is about infusing life and activity into the whole.

Climate Land Leaders

How Minnesota Women are Restoring the Earth