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In the News: October 2022

Post–School Shooting Guide, Tech Gaps

April 2022: In the News

LGBTQ+ rights, conversion therapy ban, MMIR director, documentary about women entrepreneurs

In the News: Soil, Water, Air Quality

News about air, soil, and water quality

Deeper Reading: Reconstruction

"They had warned that poor workers must not be allowed to vote because, given the chance, they would insist on a redistribution of wealth."

April 7: Advocacy Updates from WoMN Act

Advocacy updates related to equity and justice

NEWS: Intoxication and Rape

The opinion went on to note the Legislature’s “unique institutional capacity” to address the issue, specifically citing the CSC Working Group and Rep. Moller’s legislation as a remedy. The bipartisan bill has not received a committee hearing in the Senate.

Good News

An In-the-News roundup: Deb Haaland, VAWA, and more

$3 Million Donation for Police Reform Efforts

The Pohlad Foundation will invest in innovations in public safety, law enforcement, anti-racism work, and is seeking applicants from the seven-county metro area.

The Sentencing Project Report

Over 10,000 people are still serving life for crimes committed when they were under 18-years-old.

$1 Million for Twin Cities Black-Owned Businesses

A grant to the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (Meda) will give funds to support Black-owned entrepreneurs in Minneapolis

In the News: March 2021

Trauma-to-Prison Pipeline, Restorative Justice for Vets, Bias in Protests and Sentencing, Reparations, other resources

January 2021: Immigration In the News

Deporting new mothers, pandemic insecurity in detention facilities, awaiting Biden Administration on immigrant status, vaccines for immigrants