“What Are You Doing Here?”

A version of this essay originally appeared as part of the #MinneAsianStories series produced by the Council for Asian American Leaders.

  • 07/24/2020

The Enneagram and Tao Ching: 9 Paths for Crazy Times

Join a contemplative journey into 9 themes that converge when the 9 Enneagram types are aligned with ancient wisdom from

  • 05/14/2020

The Intersectional Life

Who am I? It might seem like a simple question, but we cannot pare down an entire person into a

  • 01/01/2019

Meghan Kreidler: Dual Identity on Stage

Meghan Kreidler can shift into different categories easily. As a tall, multiracial actor, she often is cast as a strong,

  • 01/01/2019

What’s In a Name?

My name is Siena, the 648th most popular girls name in the United States. Unsurprisingly, I have spent an extraordinary amount of

  • 09/01/2018

I Am a Tapestry

LGBTQ+ content is made possible by Ellie Krug Lately I’ve been hearing this word a lot more: “Self-identifying.” As I, along

  • 03/01/2018

Our Catholic-Atheist-Jewish Family

I grew up Catholic, attending a faith-based elementary school. As a teenager, and in college, I found others who were exploring Catholicism

  • 03/01/2018

Global students in St. Paul

More than 100 languages, more than 20 countries of origin: the challenges of multi-lingual education

  • 04/01/2017

Twin sisters, dual identities: Augsburg students Mayra and Miriam Medina Macias embrace two cultures

“Where are you from?” is generally an easy enough question to answer – unless you are Mayra or Miriam Medina

  • 01/01/2014


It was the early ’90s, and I had a dilemma. I was beginning to realize that I was a fraud. 

  • 06/01/2012