On Freeing the Deeds

By training I am a historian and an artist. One keeps me grounded. The other makes me curious, and prompts

  • 05/25/2021

At Home in Oneself

It is so easy to find oneself on high alert, tense and exhausted by living through times with high levels

  • 08/25/2020

Midwest Homes 2021 Luxury Home Tour

The internet is a hub for home design, boasting millions of images of beautiful homes to sift through, stare at,

  • 07/30/2020
Lazarus 1200×800

The Art of Decluttering

How the hell did we accumulate so much, and why did we squirrel it away so carefully?

  • 03/15/2020

Gifts and Other Charismatic Clutter

I always loved my mom’s wedding ring and I lovingly harassed her for years, after she and my father were

  • 05/01/2018

A home of her own

Women buyers are changing the face of home ownership

  • 10/02/2007