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Hmong Minnesotan Efforts to Liberate Us From Violence

“[W]hether it is the police or the men in our community, it’s the same kind of violence. It is patriarchal violence.” 

Finding My Voice After Losing My Native Language

My father was just a child when he had to make the difficult decision to leave his dying mother in the jungle of Laos because she was too sick and weak to continue to run from communist forces. Learning my grandmother’s last words for the first time brought me grief and wisdom.

Marny Xiong: Lasting Legacy

From a student, to a school administrative manager at Minneapolis Public Schools Hmong International Academy, to chairwoman of the St. Paul Board of Education, Xiong was an advocate for education.

A Portal to Belonging

They remind me that I am not alone — that I am living in space and time with individuals who have survived the unimaginable, who believe still in the goodness of people, and the value of being alive.

Seeking New Heights

To me, Hmonglish is part of a revolution that keeps music evolving.

Growing Community

Khou Lor (Photo by Maik Vue) Minnesotans find themselves…

A farmer and beekeeper

There's no typical work day for Yao Yang, the director of the Hmong American Farmers Association Food Hub. "I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but I definitely knew I wanted to be working on a farm."

2016 Changemakers: Maiv PAC

The first Hmong American women's political action committee in the United States

2015 Changemakers: Panyia Vang, Linda Miller & Sia Her

Sia Her, Panyia Vang and Linda MillerPhotograph by Mary…

Activist Pakou Hang: Growing leadership

Organizing Hmong-American farmers "at the nexus of history"

Sia Her: Cultural bridge builder

"The greatest challenge I as an American of Hmong descent have experienced in my life is that constant effort to be true to myself."

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