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50 Years Since Stonewall

LGBTQ+ content is made possible by Ellie Krug Quinn…

My Grandmother Eugenie Anderson

Eugenie Moore Anderson (Courtesy photo) Eugenie Moore Anderson…

We Ride to Heal

courtesy photo On December 26, 1862, soldiers in Mankato…
Jane Leonard and Karin Sonneman

Twin Sisters in Public Service

Jane Leonard and Karin Sonneman With an unprecedented number…

Outward Bound for Girls: 1965

Maxine Davis (Courtesy Photo) In 1965, in northern Minnesota,…

Tina Smith: Roots of Activism

When the conventional wisdom tells us that this group or that group won't participate, we shouldn't listen to it. Our strength grows when we open doors.

From Bhutan to Minnesota

Through an oral history project, Mangala Sharma, a refugee from Bhutan, helps keep her stories and her people's culture alive

‘African-American history is American history’

"Just from interviewing my own family, I knew African-American culture had been around for generations, but you wouldn't know it from what we're taught in our schools."

International Women’s Day timeline

100 years of history March 8, 1857:Hundreds of New York…

25 Year Timeline

Aretha, Xena, Janet Reno & more … 25 years of women’s work, 1985 to today

Schools to take next step toward inclusive curricula

"More than 15 years ago, the state issued guidelines for correcting racial and gender inequalities in school curricula." ... This was published in a Minnesota Women's Press story in August 1989. That means we have intended to correct this issue since 1974.