Reimagining Olson Memorial Highway: A Presentation by U of M Heritage Studies & Public History

The construction of Olson Memorial Highway, Minneapolis’s “first Superhighway,” devastated a thriving Black and Jewish cultural corridor along 6th Avenue

  • 05/05/2022

Then & Now: A Community Conversation on Public Schools

We invite the South Minneapolis community and current school board members to informally engage in conversation centering on ongoing issues

  • 04/30/2022

Community Care in Action: Mutual Aid Archival Exploration

Throughout history people have worked together to ensure their community can survive. It’s why we are alive today. In networks

  • 04/23/2022

Minnesota’s History of Co-ops

Today Minnesota is home to a network of 45 co-ops, working with more than 200 organic farms.

  • 10/27/2021

On Being Timeless

I believe the only way to harness time is by linking ourselves to something eternal.

  • 08/24/2021

Outer Experiences

There is, however, another layer to the mission: explore what it means to be a Black Minnesotan.

  • 04/23/2021

The Color of Law

Richard Rothstein will discuss his award-winning book The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America,

  • 04/21/2021

Roots of the Crisis

The investigative work of today is not just for those who are being hurt now — it is for ancestors and to prevent harm to those who are on their way.

  • 03/25/2021

Minnesota Woman of History: Nellie Francis

Since every month at Minnesota Women’s Press is about acknowledging the accomplishments of women, we are not doing anything unique to commemorate Women’s History Month — but we will honor the stories of a few local historical women, starting with Nellie Griswold Francis.

  • 03/01/2021
Benya Kraus_0141

VIEW: Three Stories of the Hard Kind of Love

What might love for place teach us about the people whom we learn to ignore?

  • 02/22/2021

1992: The Supreme Court ruling on abortion

Justice Harry Blackmun warned that Roe v Wade was only one vote away from being completely overruled. “I am 83 years old, and I cannot remain on this court forever.”

  • 10/31/2020

Mapping Urban Art

“I didn’t realize that I would have an understanding of an archive as having a role in changing society.”

  • 08/25/2020