Virtual Discovery Day

Join us for Virtual Discovery Day on Saturday, November 7, 10:00 at a.m. Learn about our programs and connect with

  • 10/15/2020

Reimagining Rural Healthcare

“How do we create a system — not a business?”

  • 09/22/2020

Family Tree Clinic: Teaching Intimacy

__ At the St. Paul-based Family Tree Clinic, sex education is wildly different than the paradigm that most of us

  • 07/24/2020

‘Patient No More’ Addresses LGBTQ+ Health Care Disparities

“Patient No More” is a new documentary airing on PBS created by local filmmaker Diana Fraser. We asked Fraser to talk about the movie, and offer a summary review.

  • 07/06/2020

Healthy journey

“I couldn’t figure out how to keep my insurance through the county, so I lost it. I’m not stupid and I have a lot of privilege, with advantages like a high school education, support [from family and friends], fluency in English.”

  • 07/02/2009
Nora Longley

Nora’s story

“Imagine what all of that cost everybody in the long run for not having access to the care that she needed up front.”

  • 07/02/2009