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Perseverance for Veterans

Elaine Wynne works with veterans at her home office in Golden…

Healthy Self, Healthy Planet

The moment we say, ‘we don’t need this bug, we don’t need this plant,’ the system starts to weaken. If this happens again and again, the system collapses. Every time we have excluded a person or group of people, it has been at our own peril. We will have a viable future only when diverse knowledge, skills, attitudes, and cultural understanding are brought to the table.

A Re-Defining Moment

Reader Response: From an artist, a cancer survivor, and…

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the…

WeARE The Clinic

L-R: Cindy Moore, Julie Ingleman, Becky Twamley and Sue Hadland.…

What is your heart telling you?

[My patient] had been very insistent that something was wrong, and not only was I happy I listened to her, but I was glad she advocated for herself. She listened to the little voice in her head that said, "I just don't feel right.

50 by 50

Julie Musselman (Courtesy Photo) Pat, pat, pat.  They…

Dispensing medical care — and love

Pam White, left (courtesy photo) There's a love fest going…

Labor of love

"I'm obsessed with continuing to learn. ... What if I'm out in public and somebody asks me a question? I don't want to look dumb."

Healthy journey

"I couldn't figure out how to keep my insurance through the county, so I lost it. I'm not stupid and I have a lot of privilege, with advantages like a high school education, support [from family and friends], fluency in English."

Nora’s story

"Imagine what all of that cost everybody in the long run for not having access to the care that she needed up front."

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