A Global Conversation on Public Health and Pandemic Response

We have the tools — raw materials, surveillance, science, communication — to do better. “It is about political will” to make this a priority, so we don’t forget, like we did the lessons of the 1918 pandemic.

  • 04/07/2021

Ileana Mejia: Community Care

Reflections on How We Measure Our Value

  • 05/26/2020

Picture Impact: A New Approach to Global Relief

When Dr. Helzi Noponen was a visiting professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs from 2005 to 2008, she

  • 09/25/2019

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the shores of Greece. I watched in horror as images

  • 05/01/2018

Liberating American Women

Cheryllyne Vaz grew up in Mumbai, India, reading U.S. feminist literature. In school she studied the American civil rights movement. She

  • 04/01/2018


Cheryl Robertson has spent three decades working as a public health nurse in countries ripped apart by war, trauma and displacement, and she’s not about to stop

  • 04/01/2017

Mapping the World

The wonderfully recognizable outline of the United States appeared different when sandwiched between Canada and Mexico, no longer center of everything, but off to the side, disconnected to everything else.

  • 02/01/2017

Women Wage Peace

Women Wage Peace, which was founded on the premise that Israeli and Palestinian people had lost hope that there would ever be an agreement, and that women could change that attitude by instilling hope in the population.

  • 08/01/2016

Becoming World Savvy

Dana Mortenson (Photo Courtesy of World Savvy) As someone who witnessed the second plane hit the World Trade Center in

  • 06/01/2016

Dr. Edwige Mubonzi: Mobile doctor

Taking a stand for women and girls in war-torn Africa

  • 06/01/2016

Pence from heaven

Mary’s Pence invests in women — literally

  • 11/04/2015

Forward, global women

Rula Quawas, a professor at the University of Jordan (left), Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, and Rina Bar-Tal, past chair of

  • 08/01/2015