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VIEW: Why Does Ukraine Matter to Minnesota?

Before saying more about why the invasion of Ukraine matters for those of us in Minnesota, it is important to take a moment to understand the country’s modern history.

Communities Without Borders

Eventually, I began to imagine what could happen if the 650,000 sisters across the world had resources to address root causes of poverty. Sisters are already in place, living and working in areas of greatest need.

Educating Afghan Girls

With a teacher, a net connection, and information-filled digital devices tucked safely in the palms of their sweet little hands, who could stop these girls from learning?

Welcoming Afghans for the Long Haul

Michele Garnett McKenzie In a Minnesota hotel last week,…

Global Rights for Women: The Prevalence of Domestic Violence

The last year has been devastating regarding violence against women. The statistics we have collected help us understand the increase and nature of violence, which is catastrophic.

A Global Conversation on Public Health and Pandemic Response

We have the tools — raw materials, surveillance, science, communication — to do better. “It is about political will” to make this a priority, so we don’t forget, like we did the lessons of the 1918 pandemic.

Ileana Mejia: Community Care

Reflections on How We Measure Our Value

Picture Impact: A New Approach to Global Relief

The faces of Picture Impact (l-r) Sara Thompson, Katrina Mitchell,…

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the…

Liberating American Women

Cheryllyne Vaz grew up in Mumbai, India, reading U.S. feminist…

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