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How “good real food” builds community

Tracy Singleton and her daughter. (Courtesy Photo) "Innumerable…

‘Born and raised on the fair’: It’s in her blood: Brooke Blakey keeps us informed about public safety

Brooke Blakey (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Brooke Blakey loves…

Persistence, patience and prayers

"I have good business now and God has given me so much. I want to share my blessings and give to others. I want to help people who suffer, especially the children."

Feast on these

Glenda Martin is a co-founder of the Minnesota Women's Press.…

Second-chance gardener

"You have been given a second chance, and it would be a shame to waste it."

Co-op women

"We may look like a bunch of grocers, but, really, we come to work every day with the intention of saving our world."

Crop tenders

"They [immigrants] are key to our workforce. ...They work hard. They are well-liked workers and often they have family generations on the same farm."

Mercado mentality

"The market is an attractive environment for women business owners because it'." neighborly, friendly and offers a chance at consensus style decision-making."

Community grocer

"I was a bra-burning feminist in the '60s, but I've learned that's not an effective way to get things done."

Kitchen-table activism

The Women’s Environmental Institute hopes to educate, mobilize & affect change with pointed questions about toxins in our neighborhoods, homes and food.

A mysterious illness changed her life

"I'm idealistic. I want everybody to not only access healthy food for themselves but for the sustainability of our planet. "-

Fueling economic empowerment— with food

Cooperative connects health and wealth