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Cooperative Economic Justice

“This project has a bigger national image than it does in the state,” Hurston says. “I think what draws people outside of Minnesota to this is the fact that they are aware of the stories of Philando Castile and George Floyd, the banking drought."

Local Dough: A Values-Based Investment Club

We believe any investment in Wall Street relies on the extraction of fossil fuels, human costs, and destabilizing the planet

VIEW: “Enough”

The American mythology of "pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps” glosses over the hurdles and inequities of work and human value in our society. Labor and service work is undervalued and underpaid.

A New Financial Ecosystem

To address barriers to accessing capital, you have to take an enhanced ecosystem approach.

Managing With Not Much of Anything

This is exactly why we are overdue in having conversations about how to build equity into our community. We must do work together so that those without privilege are able to improve on financial security.

The Art of Finance

The women ahead of me who lead the way as artists are barely getting by. But they would never let you know that they were barely existing.

Minding the Age Gap

The 2019 Status of Older Women in Minnesota report examines…

Q&A With Ruth Hayden

All women today — unlike 30 years ago — will say they know how to do money. But one-third at best are doing it. We need to take a leap to do something — not perfect, not monumental, but a start. We need to keep asking ourselves, what can we do today to get what we need?

Financial Trauma

What I want our communities to talk about: how generational trauma affects our financial wellbeing. We can learn and unlearn traumatic events that might be affecting us today, unconsciously sabotaging our own wellbeing.

Women and Money

Women's relationships with money often are complicated, Ellen…

Make time for money

I am asking you to decide to actually deal with this money world - today. ... Do not let your busy life hold your financial life hostage.

New year, new money

Do women handle money differently?