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A farmer and beekeeper

There's no typical work day for Yao Yang, the director of the Hmong American Farmers Association Food Hub. "I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, but I definitely knew I wanted to be working on a farm."

Farm activist Lou Anne Kling: From pastures to protests

Photo Rob Amberg They weren't going to take that farm away…

Riverkeepers: Sister Kay and Annette Fernholz

Sister-sisters restore the water and land at their Earthrise Farm

Mairi Doerr: Dancing with goats

A sustainable life at Dancing Winds Farm

‘Cultivate 2012’

"I wanted to explore the linkages among health, poverty, agriculture and our food system. Immigrants are critical to our food system and they cannot be left behind in the local food movement."

Sermons on the tractor

"Sometimes when I am weeding or driving the tractor, I am rolling a sermon around in my head."

Crop tenders

"They [immigrants] are key to our workforce. ...They work hard. They are well-liked workers and often they have family generations on the same farm."

Dairy diva

"I just wasn't cut out to work with plants. Living, breathing animals are just more my thing."