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Legislative Update: What’s coming up that impacts women?

We checked in with former legislator and current Gender Justice advocate Erin Maye Quade about priorities that impact women and marginalized genders this year

VIEW: Practicing Unity

I asked and listened to what voters told me about their hopes — about better jobs, wages, healthcare, and education. I also heard their fears — of more taxes, immigrants, gun laws, and “defunding the police.”

Freedom School

One of my favorite aspects of this experimental learning program includes the value of Harambee — Swahili for “Let’s pull together.”

What’s In a Name?

Photo by Sarah Whiting My name is Siena, the 648th most…

BookShelf: Losing My Baby

Shannon Gibney (l) and Kao Kalia Yang (Photo by Sarah Whiting) First…

Welcome home

Sandy White Hawk (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Who am I? Where…

Divorce: The financial implications: Having a specialist in your corner can help

Sara Tilberg (Photo Courtesy of Sara Tilberg) In 2012, the…

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