End of Life

What Matters Most at the End of Life?

Minnesota Network of Hospice & Palliative Care invites you to join us for a conversation between two of the preeminent

  • 04/06/2020

21 Grams

The weight of the soul is supposedly 21 grams. That is why a designer chose to put 21 grams of

  • 12/23/2019

Eat, Play, Love: My Journey with Grief

There was a time when I knew what life was all about. I knew up from down, left from right,

  • 04/01/2019

BookShelf: Losing My Baby

First contractions Shannon: I finally sat down, after sweeping the floor and washing the dishes. My stomach was rumbling, but

  • 02/01/2018

Her singing eases funeral pain

“There are funerals where they bring out a boombox and it’s so impersonal. It doesn’t honor or celebrate the person,

  • 07/01/2015

Same-sex marriage: “It was a good day, even though it was a sad time”

On Oct. 23, not quite three months after her right to marry became Minnesota law, Ann DeGroot became a widow.

  • 04/01/2014