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Make time for money

I am asking you to decide to actually deal with this money world - today. ... Do not let your busy life hold your financial life hostage.

Strong Women

We asked women to talk about a strong woman who inspired them

2014 Changemaker: Women’s Economic Security Act

The law expands unpaid leave for parents and provides other support to improve economic security for women

Economies of worth

"Our economic difference compared globally is obscene. What makes that acceptable?"

Stretched to the max

"I encourage my clients to have open conversations about money and its place in relationships and life. It is healthy for us to be involved in the creation of a budget, spending and savings plan."

Moonlighting unmasked

Working 9 to 9. Two jobs is a way of life for some Twin Cities women.

Women in Economics

If more women were economists, economic policies would better reflect women’s lives. Maybe.

Fueling economic empowerment— with food

Cooperative connects health and wealth