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Educating Afghan Girls

With a teacher, a net connection, and information-filled digital devices tucked safely in the palms of their sweet little hands, who could stop these girls from learning?

Confronting Terror in North Minneapolis

As a Native woman who works to expose the rape of women, by police and others, my first thought was: “Is this a random scare tactic, or a way that white male extremist groups are marking houses? Am I being targeted?”

Voices on War & Peace

Commentary of everyday women engaged with our topic of the month:…

My Life as a Peace Activist

Photo by Sarah Whiting Years ago, in high school, I had a…

Called to Syria

It was 2015 and millions of refugees were arriving on the…

Facing Down Conflict

Photo by Sarah Whiting As a woman of color who wears the…

Always an advocate: Luz Maria Frias: Building bridges between cultures and communities through communication

Luz Maria Frias (Photo Courtesy of Luz Maria Frias) Luz Maria…

Embracing Differences

By connecting youth, you are improving what the next generation will do with the world.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable

Jean Morrison (Courtesy photo) It's inevitable. When people…

Choobideh & lefse

"Ever since I was little my dad and my grandparents have been telling me about Iran. ... I've started understanding that not all laws are just and not all people are treated equal. [It's] an issue I've become very passionate about."

Tag Archive for: conflict