Solidarity Street Gallery

The SOLIDARITY STREET GALLERY is a three-day art and cultural festival along Payne Avenue. It aims to bring together artists,

  • 09/23/2021

City of Lakes Rotary keynote speaker: Vikas Narula, Founder of Neighborhood Forest

JOIN US virtually Wednesday morning, September 1 to hear the great things City of Lakes Rotary Club is doing to

  • 09/01/2021

City of Lakes Rotary keynote speaker: Carol Strohecker, U of M College of Design

JOIN US virtually Wednesday morning, August 25 to hear the great things City of Lakes Rotary Club is doing to

  • 08/25/2021

“The Holly”: Community-based Development As a Solution to Violence (part 2)

This is part 2 of our conversation on the roots and solutions to gang violence, based on “The Holly,” a book about Denver issues similar to what we are seeing in the Twin Cities.

  • 07/29/2021

The Way in the 21st Century Series

THE WAY IN THE 21ST CENTURY SERIES (VIA ZOOM) JULY 26, AUGUST 2, AUGUST 9 Monday, 6-8 p.m. Presenters: Elizabeth

  • 07/26/2021

MWP Conversation: Community Vitality, June 17

In the first conversation of our summer series, Minnesota Women’s Press editor Mikki Morrissette talked to three women about their

  • 06/25/2021

A New Reconstruction Era (+TOC)

How do we build true equality without duplicating the short-lived experiment of Reconstruction after the Civil War?

  • 05/25/2021

Revitalization, With Language and Childcare

Lead for Minnesota is a program that recruits, trains, and places recent college graduates around the state into two-year paid fellowships in or near their home community. There are currently 24 fellows in the 2020 class placed around Minnesota. Here are two of them.

  • 05/25/2021

Where Have You Found Community?

“We are all homing — a journey by bits and pieces, looking for where we belong.”

  • 05/25/2021

Steps for Autism in Minnesota

NEW DATE, NEW OUTDOOR LOCATION! Sunday, May 23, 2021 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Como Lakeside Pavilion 1360 Lexington Pkwy. N. Saint

  • 05/23/2021

Tapestry: How Does Art Transform Community?

Even outside of my studio, I often question the source and process inherent in my surroundings.

  • 04/23/2021

Community Healing Related to Police Violence

There are several community healing spaces available this week

  • 04/12/2021