Rick’s Bike Sale

Cycling enthusiast Rick Anderson has close to 500 bicycles ready for his 14th annual bike sale, which benefits two local

  • 06/18/2022
Tanya and Mikki roundtable

Perspective From Bosnia (+ speech: How to Elect Women in a Patriarchy)

“Several women in politics that Amra and I have interviewed indicate their greatest strength is in listening. They learn what the issues are, talk to people about what might resolve those issues, and figure out how to make it work.”

  • 06/17/2022

Ella Judt Solo Exhibition | May 2022

As a visual artist Ella focuses mainly on painting but enjoys experimenting with mediums such as oil pastels and colored

  • 05/06/2022
Alla Hassan

CALL: Alla Hassan on Kindness, Purpose, and Learning About Each Other

Transcript Excerpt I am really passionate about sexual violence prevention and normalizing conversations related to sex, especially in spaces like

  • 05/03/2022

Unite for a Special Vigil Event: Peace, Prayers, & Pendulums for Ukraine

HeartCentric Divine Creations founders, Lana, and Karina are both immigrants from the former Soviet Union and have relatives and ancestors

  • 03/29/2022

Who Controls Your Stomach?

I think this was his way to tell me that in my life, there were people who would try to control my stomach, my Black body. I have been taught that we, as Black people, reflect and realize what destiny is and how people in power can never take that away.

  • 03/28/2022

In Finland, Minnesota, Community Is a Verb

This type of community attracts people who value it. Our job is to nurture that so it continues.

  • 03/28/2022

Brazilian Festival

Brazilian Music and Dancing-FAMILY EVENT for all ! Music and Dance Group at the Midtown Global Market. Come celebrate with

  • 02/26/2022

Nikki McComb

“Taken” features the photographs of Minneapolis artist Nikki McComb in this solo exhibit at Metropolitan State University’s Gordon Parks Gallery

  • 01/20/2022

VIEW: Protecting a Garden Oasis From Development

“It created community. People began looking at each other in the eye.”

  • 01/11/2022

Cookbook Signing Event

Cookbook Signing Event-one day only! Chefs and Business owners collaborated and put together a cookbook with recipes from all over

  • 12/11/2021

The Roe Family Singers

Midtown Global Market Family Night Free Music in the Central Court from 5-7 pm. Free kids crafts, an appearance by

  • 12/10/2021