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Writing for Generations

Chris Stark at the Minnesota State Fair, while workers dismantle…

Roots of the Crisis

The investigative work of today is not just for those who are being hurt now — it is for ancestors and to prevent harm to those who are on their way.

Confronting Terror in North Minneapolis

As a Native woman who works to expose the rape of women, by police and others, my first thought was: “Is this a random scare tactic, or a way that white male extremist groups are marking houses? Am I being targeted?”

Columbus and Sex Trafficking

This is an adapted excerpt from Christine Stark’s “Strategies…

Healing: Generational Trauma, The Chord Of Silence

Chris Stark (Photo by Sarah Whiting) TRIGGER WARNING: This…

Healing in Community

MWP Conversations: #3 At the January 2019 event, “MWP Conversation:…

2012 Changemaker: Christine Stark

"These women have survived for their entire lives. They have an incredible amount of strength and resiliency."