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Accounting Triangle Accounting, 1739 Ford Pkwy. Saint Paul, MN 55116 651-641-1807 Attorneys Viitala Law Office, 323 N. Washington Ave.,

  • 06/25/2021

Jewelry & Accessory Makers Mart

The Walker Art Center’s Jewelry & Accessory Makers Mart returns online this spring with a collection of one-of- a-kind products

  • 05/01/2021

Weavers Guild of Minnesota: Un-Annual Auction

Join the Weavers Guild of Minnesota for a one-time-only online auction of handmade items generously donated by our members. With

  • 04/24/2021
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Building a Sustainable Economy

It is a buyer’s market. With the ways of doing business in upheaval, and many spaces still shuttered to casual

  • 07/24/2020
cecily sommers

The Future of Business

Insights from business futurist Cecily Sommers

  • 07/20/2020
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Support Minnesota’s Small Businesses (July)

Our July issue is back in print and being distributed to many of our free pick-up sites thanks to the businesses listed below.

  • 06/24/2020
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Buy Local in Minnesota (June)

COVID-19 is affecting most of the small businesses that have been supporting Minnesota Women’s Press for 35 years.

  • 05/26/2020
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How You Can Offer Support

COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives. While we live in a great state for healthcare and physical distancing standards, which has

  • 05/05/2020

Entrepreneurial Vision

My commitment with Revolution is to invest in entrepreneurs outside of traditional tech hubs.

  • 10/21/2019

Why I Invest Locally, Why I Buy Locally

Why I Invest Locally Buy local. Support local independent businesses. We hear it all the time, but it is more

  • 04/01/2018

Bookstore as a muse Feature: Q&A with five women-owned independent booksellers in Minnesota

There are around 45 independent bookstores in Minnesota – and many are owned by women.  “Women who own bookstores understand

  • 01/01/2017

Brewing success: Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak

After taking six years to open their brewery, partners Deb Loch and Jill Pavlak are working fast and furious to keep up with demand

  • 11/01/2014