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CALL: What We Are Talking About This Week

Notes from our weekly Changemakers Alliance newsletter

Poem: “The Body”

Your life is a brief parole from non-existence.

How Does It Feel to Be In Your Body? – Editor’s Letter and TOC

“There is no single story that tells the truth of this community of cells self-organizing within our skin.” — Susan Raffo

Tapestry: Have you seen a societal shift in how we relate to our bodies?

Comparing symptoms, we noted similarities and demanded better information and treatment from our doctors.

Why Learning Anatomy Matters

How we talk about bodies matters.

Diet Culture to Body Joy

Where can I find that same genuine joy that 12-year-old me felt when she discovered her hips?

Bell’s Palsy in Brown Face

I imagined that, like my ancestors, my face should be bindingly symmetrical

Tag Archive for: body

AppleHouse Returns!

Stock up on Apples, treats, pumpkins and gourd at the AppleHouse…

Yoga in the Gardens

Complete your visit to the Arboretum with a relaxing session…