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The Guerrilla Girls: “Portfolio Compleat”

Olga Viso with the Guerrilla Girls When the Guerrilla Girls…

Women’s Caucus for Art

Honoring a spectrum of artwork of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists

One Voice Mixed Chorus =

Creating social change, in song: One Voice Mixed Chorus builds community with LGBTQA+ members and straight allies

Nurse-turned-artist Emmy White

Bright with saturated, intense color, wavy lines, with an almost…

“God Girl”

Twin Cities playwright Kristine Holmgren takes a swing at the stained-glass ceiling. "Historically, the church was a boys' club more than most fields, so it's not surprising women were so unwelcome."

Polly Norman: ‘Dancing Through Glass’

An artist who turns manic depressive disorder into an asset

Artist Lori Greene: Mosaic

"I think I wanted to understand who people in prison are. What I discovered is that they really are just people."

Activist artist Shirl Chouinard creates dolls to educate about domestic violence

Shirl Chouinard (Courtesy Photo) When Shirl Chouinard asked…

Problems to solve: Sandra Brick shows a woman’s place is in the patent office

Sandra Brick (Photo by Amber Procaccini) Let's admit it-when…